Our Story

First and Lexington: Limited Edition Apparel; We make limited edition clothing from premium quality fabrics and superior artistry. Clean, Simple and Unique.

...That's how the story ends, any way...

So what is First and Lexington? Good question. First & Lexington is the brainchild of two friends, Grant Schildhouse and Alex Brinkman. Ultimately, it is a street apparel company with a focus on developing a community around the brand. 

Interesting, so what does FNL believe in? Glad you asked. We believe in being personal and transparent with the people that support us and the communities within which we operate. There are no illusions with our brand; no lies, no pretending we are bigger than we are or something we aren’t. Just honest, high quality goods and people that want to have fun and look good doing it.

Huh, so how did it all start? How much time do you have? In college, Alex and Grant spent a lot of time joking about starting their own clothing company; mostly because they were baffled by what “fashion” was and how much people paid for it. By their third year they were doing a lot of photography and graphic design for local hip-hop artists in Toledo, Ohio. People really liked the design work Alex was producing for these artists so they decided to take a serious look at starting their own brand. Very early on they realized that despite their artistry, they weren't really doing anything that was very unique. Mass production, replication and regurgitation of the same garments, logos and designs was all over the place. They hated that. They didn’t want everyone to wear what we were wearing. So they decided that Limited Editions would be our unique selling point. In the Spring of 2009, after years of planning and hard work, First and Lexington launched their debut line in Boston, MA.

So you aren't a skate company; What's with the "Family" section on the website? Yup, thought this might come up. We believe in supporting extraordinary people. Our roots lie within the blade community. For Grant it is a way to give back to something he loved as a kid and continues to love and take part in. Many of the team members are also part of the company and hold organizational roles. We are a tight knit family; nothing would run with out the team supporting us. We endorse and support musicians, artists and various other athletes as they, in turn, endorse us as well. We believe in shining a light on people who focus in their passions and excel in them. 

So what does the future hold? Expansion. More items in the store. A concrete vision on art direction. More involvement from the people who support us; our community...the Neighborhood we are always referencing. 

We hope this helps. We sincerely hope that you want to join us on our journey as we, as a company, a brand and a community, live our lives in the pursuit of art, creativity and that which makes us truly happy. Oh, and we really love penguins.