24 Jun

BOOM Looks like we made it after all

What a race till the end! We just got official word that the KickStarter project for On A Roll is fully funded and with 60 hours left to go. We are so happy for Jelle and the gang at Creative Concepts. The battle is won but the war rages on. The remaining 60 hours are still very important. The more money the team raises now, the better and faster the production will be. So, First and Lexington is raising the stakes. We are SWEETENING THE DEAL! Same rules apply...every fully price shirt we donate another $5 to the campaign...now...if we hit 25 item solds in the next 48 hours...EVERYONE that ordered yesterday through Saturday will get a FREE gift from one of our sample run shirts. You'll see it when you get it! Let's make this successfull and let's get you all looking proper this summer. Even if you don't rollerblade or game, this is a cause we truly support and want to see through to vicotry. Buying a shirt helps us as a business and them as a business. Win...freaking...Win.


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