23 Jun

Supporting the ON A ROLL Kickstarter

For those that have followed us for some time, you know we are big on supporting small businesses, obviously, as well as start-ups, starving artists and the like. We love when we can help people realize their dreams even more. Yesterday there was an announcement that we were going to be featured in a major console release video game. That was one of our dreams! So in an effort to help Jelle and On A Roll realize their's, First and Lexington is donating $5 from every full price item ordered over the next three days. This will be on top of the sizable pledge we've already made. Help us support dreams and small businesses.​ So go check out the store, buy a shirt and make two dreams a reality! Then head over to the On a Roll kickstarter and back the game if you feel like an epic new SKATE-like adventure.


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